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Gladiator Games

We've all seen the Gladiator movies, right? And if you didn't let me tell you what a gladiator was. A gladiator was an armed combatant who entertained audiences in the Roman Republic and Roman Empire in violent confrontations with other gladiators, wild animals, and condemned criminals. Some gladiators were volunteers who risked their lives and their legal and social standing by appearing in the arena. Most were despised as slaves, schooled under harsh conditions, socially marginalized, and segregated even in death. It might sound harsh, but that is what a true gladiator does. 
Our games from VitalityGames.com shows us that you must prove your ability to fight with a sword with someone in the arena. Are you capable of doing such a thing and fight for your life?  Give it a try and let's see if you are strong and worthy enough for a title so significant as a ''gladiator''. We'll see you in the arena! Fight!

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