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Barbarian Onslaught

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Barbarian Onslaught free online action adventure fighting game.Get ready for the ultimate fighting adventure like a barbarian stile. here on vitalitygames we present you one of the best adventure fighting game on the internet. Barbarian Onslaught: the secret of stella young barbarian sets out on a quest to find the legendary Secret of Steel Journey through hostile territory and make mincemeat of your enemies in this barbaric beat 'em up game.This sequel took nearly a year to finish and contains more enemies, 19 levels, boss fights, complex combat and physics engines, geographical puzzle solving, an epic musical score and an intriguing story line. A game made with attention to details and game play.Good music and not bad graphics.Prove your skills in this free online action adventure fighting game called Barbarian Onslaught and be the best player in the game.Good luck! The Secret of Steel awaits you.

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Use arrow keys to move and controls you player and space to hit combo.

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