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We are all familiar with those superheroes that save our world from the bad guys that tend to destroy what's left of if! That is why our category of Superman games are the best! Take a look at our awesome category here on www.vitalitygames.com. 
Superman is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.  Superman resides and operates in the fictional American city of Metropolis. As Clark Kent, he is a journalist for the Daily Planet, a Metropolis newspaper. Superman's love interest is generally Lois Lane, and his archenemy is supervillain Lex Luthor. He is typically a member of the Justice League and close ally of Batman and Wonder Woman. Like other characters in the DC Universe, several alternate versions of Superman have been depicted over the years.
You now have the chance to prove yourself that you are worthy to help Superman to save the planet from the bad guys who want to destroy it! Enjoy our games and have fun!

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