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The sea is bigger than we could ever think. Therefore, you must heard that sharks are some really scary fish to bump into, in the warm water of a random sea. Into deep waters you can find all kinds of species of sharks, because they are like over 500 of them. Sharks can find prey even if they are hiding completely under the mud at the ocean’s floor. They can do this because they have electrical receptors in order to navigate ocean currents (affected by the earth’s magnetic fields).
There is no escape. That is awesome. But here is another creepy thing you must know about sharks. When people die from a shark attack, it’s usually because they bleed to death. Shark don’t eat you right away, and they don’t chew, they use their rows of teeth to rip your limps apart and then swallow the parts whole. Now that is scary, right? In our games from VitalityGames.com you will bump into violent sharks but also, exists some friendly sharks that do not attack you unless they feel threatened. Good luck my friend, and let no shark near you.

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