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Are you captivated by big trucks and heavy, strong monster trucks? Your research is over because VitalityGames.com has everything ready for your skills to be tested. A monster truck is a vehicle that was originally just a pickup truck that was modified with a larger suspension and larger tires. A modern monster truck is more of a scaled-up dune buggy. Monster Jam is currently the largest and premier monster truck event, touring through the United States, Canada and select regions of Europe. Do you want become on of the promoters online? 
Now is your chance to be one and prove the entire world that you were born to do this in the exceptional way as possible. These games are  giving you the chance to crush cars, race each other, perform all kinds of stunts that will make he crow stand up and photograph your every move. A large portion of these games cover competing trucks, retired trucks, ride trucks, stunt trucks, drivers, events, and monster truck toys. Grab one of your friends and participate at these events, to prove your worthy. 
Good luck and try to impress as many juries and also scouts that can recruit you. Give your best!

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