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Mini golf is an offshoot of the sport of golf focusing solely on the putting aspect of its parent game. If you are an addict to any sport that requires patience, determination and also strength in a good strategy, then you're in the right place VitalityGames.com. 
Our website provides you many mini golf games for every situation you want. Check out these games and you will be surprised on how much you will love to aim your 18 holes and try to get them in the right spot. You can use your skills, obviously and with the help of your key board and mouse you can control the speed  you hit and the release to the games. You can play this beautiful game with your friend and become the next best mini golf player online. Also you will find it very relaxing and easy to play it, because it's a lot easier rather than the normal golf fancy people play. 
You have the chance to find yourself a new hobby and who know even become a master in this awesome sport. Check out more games and find what you like. Enjoy and have a great game.

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