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In this game Grand Theft Auto you have the chance to experience all kinds of situations. Do you wanted to know how it feels like to steal some awesome cars form different stores? If not you can grab someone from the road out of their cars and seal theirs, but keep an eye open for the cops in order not to catch you. Did you ever wanted to kill some dangerous gangsters and still from them what they value most?  Have you ever thought it feels like to become a man of the streets? But the real question is if you have what it takes to survive such a a vicious place as these mean and unsafe streets? Do you want to try and see if you got this? Than be my guest and try to have the best experience of your life. 
This game comes in many sections such as: Grand Theft Auto III: general violence and crime; Vice City: ethnic discrimination; San Andreas: sex minigame; Grand Theft Auto IV: drunk driving; The Lost and Damned: full-frontal nudity; Chinatown Wars: drug dealing minigame; Grand Theft Auto V: torture and sexism. You can find one of these online and play to experience  new things to you. Share our games from VitalityGames.com with your friends and good luck!

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