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Zombies Exterminator

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Looking for the latest zombie or Apocalyptic games? Online to increase your shooting skills and kill some zombies? Then try this new game from gamolition.com here on vitalitygames.com called Zombies Exterminator games. The zombies have woken up! You knew this day would come and because you were the only one expecting it, you are also the only one prepared, which can mean good business.You are now the zombie exterminator! Use your arrow keys to drive your van and your space bar to brake and make sure you get to the graveyard safely.Do not crash into anything along the way and hurry up to finish before the time runs out. In the upper part of the screen you can see your health bar and in the bottom part your timer, your current level and a mini-map that will help you find your way around town. When you get to the graveyard you will have to use your mouse to aim and shoot at the zombies rising from the ground. You have a target amount of them which you have to shoot in the time you have. Exterminate all the zombies in town and you will be a hero. Try to get the highest score possible by doing the best job you can in eight incredible levels

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  •  Use your arrow keys to drive, your space bar to brake and your mouse to aim and shoot

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