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Игра загружается ...

Xenospace Colony

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Stay alive as the massive horde comes chasing after you. Grab power ups and earn weapons to live. There are two major fighting techniques that you'll need to learn to master, using your keyboard or your computer mouse: attacking and defending or counter-attacking and blocking. Using his fists, legs or his dreadful weapons, your on-screen character will deliver as many kicks as needed to take down his opponent all while he's blocking every blow coming from his adversary. In this respect, the great majority of fighting games on the internet, which are 2d, with a side view, give you the chance to move the fighting character forwards and backwards, whereas the 3D online fighting games give the possibility of side-stepping too, during the combat. The more rounds your character wins, the better, of course. In each round your on screen character fights his opponent his level of energy is displayed on your screen through a life bar, so make sure it never gets completely emptied out! So do your best in this free online flash action game called Xenospace - Colony.

  •  Move
     Change Weapon

Use arrow keys to move.Ctrl or space bar to attack.1-0 to change weapon.

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