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Worms Zone

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Play the latest and the most awesome game for kids with worms like this fun Worms Zone game on Vitalitygames.com. Worms Zone will offer a colorful design, plenty of yummies and serious battle for the first place with the best players all over the world. In this fun multiplayer snake game you must use the mouse and your skills to devour the nice looking gelatinous goodies and grow from a small snake to the biggest anaconda.
Enjoy eating the boxes filled with gelatin candies get the amazing outfits for the Worm share the game with your friends and get more than 50 outfits. Learn the Magical tools and gather them from around the whole zone. The green one will makes the pet faster 2 times, the blue one can attract food from a distance and finally the yellow one improve the visibility. Enjoy this fun game online on your mobile and tables and other cool features like magnets, power-up's and foods generation to have a blast. If you enjoy this game make sure you try other similar arcade game like: Let's WormSilly snakes and Wormax-io. Good luck and have fun!
Release Date
July 2018
Worms.Zone was developed by Wild Spike.
  • A fun multiplayer snake game with a colorful design.
  • Beautiful 2D detailed graphics with various gelatinous goodies and candies.
  • Select from 50 amazing outfits for the Worms.
  • Magical tools for snakes like : green( faster snake) blue ( magnet for food) and yellow (improves the visibility).
  • Get a reward by winning a match.
  • Three game modes to play.
  • Leaderboard.
  • Easy and fun to play.
Web browser iOS and Android.

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     Click To Speed Up The Snakes

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