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World Of Hunting

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It's open season join the hunt today here on vitality games we have prepared a new fun 3d unity shooting game with many animals to satisfy your thirst for hunting. Play for free this new exclusive World Of Hunting 3d challenge online and on your mobile. To play the game use arrow keys to control the hunter and use mouse to zoom and shoot. The 3d unity hunting game feature 4 different places where you can find different animals. Starting with the mountain hunting are where you must hunt the stag and other animals that can be found in the mountain area. Animals like bears, foxes, rabbits deer and wolves. Each level has a limited time where you must shoot an indicated number of animals to pass. So can you get your shots before the time runs out? The World of Hunting unity game offers amazing 3D graphics build just for your to test your skills online and improve! When you will gather 4 stars from the 12 stars you will unlock a new better sniper with increased capacity! That will allow you to shoot more bullets before you reload the sniper.Moving on to second level on the farm side you will hunt pigs, rabbits,cows and chickens and goats. The black goat will be the trophy for the farm level so search for it and try to shoot it. Use M key to bring the map out and see where you are. Press P key and adjust the quality of the graphics. Adjust the music and how loud the sound effects you like. To shoot in each level you must walk to the shooting ramp. To restart the level get off the shooting ramp and climb on it again. That will restart the level.Have fun with real sniper physics and improve your aim to be the best player in the game. The World Of Hunting game it's filled with stunning 3D creatures and scenes to immerse you into your surroundings. There are different sounds for each shooting place. And you will find all kind of animals to shoot. Return to the wilderness in the most realistic 3d unity shooting game here on vitalitygames.com. And experience the thrill of hunting with the largest variety of animals. Try to complete the forest and savanna levels and shoot rhinos and hippos and zebras and lions and all kind of animals that you can find the each area. Collect all 4 trophies to have the best highscore. And enjoy the best free online 3d unity hunting games here on vitalitygames. Good luck and be the best player from this new World Of Hunting games! Have a blast!
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