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Wasteland Bike Trial

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Are you ready for the toughest motocross challenge ever? It's happening today, the Wasteland Bike Trial online game is here on vitalitygames! If you like free online motocross driving and racing games then this is the perfect time and place for you. A great motorbike should face many tests and overcome every obstacle and this new model will do it, it only depends on you and how skilled you are. You have to be careful and always maintain your balance in order not to crash, or you will have to restart the level all over again. You are riding on the planet of Pandora, surrounded by vast deposits of minerals. You also have to be as fast as you can, because time is what will determine your score. You will have to pass over cars, ramps and big piles of tires. If you are brave and experienced enough you should definitely try the front and backflip when passing over ramps. So be prepared for the extreme biking thrill and enjoy the environment. This challenge may seem pretty simple but you will see, you have to be really skilled to finish all 15 levels. Good luck and have fun!

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  •  Drive using arrow keys and space bar to jump.

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