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V8 Pro Parking

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Looking for a new challenge? How about a pro skill super car parking? Think you can handle to driver powerful cars like Porsche, Mustang and Bugatti? How about driving them throw some crowded places? Do you think you can drive them at high speed and park them without crashing them? Then give it a tray in this new exclusive parking game released by vitality games.The game require very good parking and driving skills, this new challenge will help you to perfect and increase your driving to the max. So what are you standing here start the game and let's see you how can you handle powerful cars with 1000 HP. The game has 10 levels and 20 hard parking spots. You start with a Porsche with 350 HP and after a few levels if you manage to survive will get more powerful cars with lots of muscle power. Prove you got what it takes in becoming the best driver from this new challenge called V8 Pro Parking games.Use arrow keys to steer and drive all the cars, and there are parking spots so hard to park that you will need to handbrake the car by using Space and let the car slide, to be able to park the cars.Have fun with all the levels and all beautiful cars and good luck you will need it.Enjoy!!
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