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Ultimate Police Chase

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The police have a major role in this city, where there are swarms of bad guys. You get to play on three awesome maps until you fight down the gangsters, the motorbike gang and the mafia. Just drive your car using your arrow keys, use your Z key to shoot and your space bar to call reinforcement. Your enemies will shoot as well, so beware and stay out of their bullets' way. Make sure you collect fuel on the way and keep its level up, because if you run out of it you will destroy your vehicle. You should also keep your health level up for the same reason. You can collect a shield that will protect you, cool new weapons so you will have more power shooting your enemies or coins, which you can use to buy some upgrades between levels and improve your fuel, your weapon damage, your armor and your reinforcement damage. What is this reinforcement we are constantly talking about? Your fellow policemen will come either on their motorbikes or create a block on the road with their cars and kill all the bad guys in sight. Complete all the levels and win this awesome game!

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