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Tunnel Rush 2

Tunnel Rush 2

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Рейтинг: 4.3
Move into a colored tunnel at blazing speeds in a fast-paced dodging game. While sliding fast in this tunnel rush filled with deadly obstacles.

If you are a big fan of fast-paced dodging games and you are ready for a new thrilling adventure,  then here on VitalityGames, we have prepared this new Tunnel Rush 2 game. Set out on a journey and travel through the endless fever of the tunnels. Slide fast in this tunnel rush unblocked where tunnels are filled with deadly obstacles. And improve your reflexes and dexterity dodging static and moving obstacles.
As you may see tunnel rush 2 game is inspired by the Slope and Run 3 games and like in all the games you will move in a coloured tunnel at a blazing speed. After each level passed you will start in a random tunnel, so you'll never know what comes next. Keep playing the game in suspense and mystery while trying to be very agile and precise. Try to predict the position of the incoming obstacle and quickly shift your position away to avoid it. As you progress the speed of the game will accelerate making the game harder for you. To avoid getting angry by the difficulty of the game you can set the game mode from the title screen to easy, normal and hard. It is recommended to play in easy mode until you get used to the gravity, environment and increase the speed of the game.
Enjoy this fun platform survival game, make sure you see the walkthrough and the youtube game-play of the game to improve your strategy and become the best player in the game. If you enjoyed this game make sure you try Galaxy Slope, Slope and Run 3 games.

Web browser, Android.

  • The second sequel of the Tunnel Rush game is now even more fun to play.
  • Various different scenes and tunnels with adrenaline-pumping obstacles.
  • Nice-looking graphics with smooth controls and physics.
  • Many types of colored and dark tunnels.
  • A lot of static and dynamic obstacles.
  • You can play the game in easy, normal and hard modes.
  • Hard to play but fun and addicting.
  • Intense music.
More Information About Tunnel Rush 2
Is one of the best fast-paced dodging games that will get you addicted. Tunnel Rush 2 can be played online for free on VitalityGames.com. And is developed with WebGL technology allowing it to work perfectly on all modern browsers. If you enjoyed Tunnel Rush 2 game you may also like Spaceship: Endless Run, Supercar Endless Rush, and Santa's Endless Rush. Good luck!

Video Instruction and Youtube game-play.

Дата выпуска: December 2018

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