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Train Surfing

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Looking for the latest breathtaking car racing games online? To play and have some fun! Let us introduce you to a new fun activity that you can use your car for: train surfing! Just get behind the wheel and drive the car on top of a moving train! The adrenaline rush will be amazing. Use your arrow keys to drive and your key to activate your NOS power and get a speed boost. You will move from wagon to wagon, jump over ramps and overcome amazing obstacles. Just be very careful not to crash, because you will lose the level and you will have to restart the game all over again. Be very fast as time will give you a bonus at the end of each level. There is a total of eight intense levels available for you to play and enjoy, each one of them being just a bit more challenging than the previous ones. Between levels you can buy some awesome upgrades and improve your performance in the game. You can improve your NOS endurance or power, your speed and your acceleration. While you drive fast and jump you can also do some flips, because they will also give you bonus points to your score. So have fun playing the best free online car racing game on vitalitygames.com. Good luck and have fun!

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