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Игра загружается ...

The Last Shelter

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Whatever you imagine any thing by any way, in fact it will be completely different because something unexpected always will happen. Mankind from the game The Last Shelter was searching a new livable planet many long years. When it looked nearly hopelessly, they found it. The planet was perfect so they logically stayed there, and their life was happy. At least until the time, before they found themselves under an attack by other tribes living there. The time takes now yet. Can you help to the mankind in building tower defenses on strategic places and protect whole the human colony? Have fun.

  •  Use mouse to playHotkeys:1 or 7 build Rapid-fire Mini-gun2 or 8 build Heavy Weapon3 or 9 build Rocket Launcher4 or 0 build Energy UnitE or T Air SupportR or Y Nuke Air SupportSpace Send next wave

alien defense mouse only science fiction strategy top down tower defense upgrades

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