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The Boss Must Die

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Play the best Clicker action fighting games online for free here on vitalitygames.com Click to play The Boss Must Die 3d unity games on vitalitygames.com. In The Boss Must Die game you must use your 6 hired heroes to kill each boss and survive the nest one. Each boss killed will give you diamonds and try to click on the flying sock it will give you money. With the money you can upgrade the level of you heroes making each hero more powerful and giving more and more damage to the boss you are fighting with. The heroes are different like barbarian, alchemist,deathknight,assassin,elementalist and lich. Try to see witch one one give the most damage because each boss has different skills and body armor. So play this super mega cool clicker in which you kill the boss, go to knock raids chests things pumped six characters. Have fun and have a blast online!

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