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Tank Crusader

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Looking for the latest 3D games with tanks online? Then here on vitalitygames.com we got the perfect game for you, called Tank Crusader games. In Tank Crusader games you must destroy artificial intelligence that gone haywire! Protect the military factory from invading robots and control a powerful Tank Crusader! Upgrade your weapons and your tank! Use your drones timely and upgrade your plasma attacks to destroy enemy machines!Tank Crusader is a challenging top-down shooter where you control a futuristic tank. When artificial intelligence turned its back on mankind, your only hope to stop them is to ride one big and powerful tank. Become the leader of the forces and guide your tank behind enemy lines to assault their base! Tank Crusader features various missions, dozens of enemy classes, tons of upgrade-able items, and many more! Tank Crusader also features challenging levels! Use your earned points to upgrade your stats wisely.

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  •  WASD / Arrow Keys – MoveLeft Mouse Button – Use Skill / InteractMouse – Aim / Navigate

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