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Swift Bowmaster

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If you are a big fan of free online hunting and bow hunting games, and you are looking for a new intense challenge. Then here on vitalitygames.com where neat 3D unity bow games are free to play all day. We have prepared this new intense challenge called Swift Bowmaster games. In Swift Bowmaster you will have to use your online shooting skills and be precise . Use speed and aim the perfect angle to be able to eliminate all targets. Your mission it's simple, get the highest possible score. For it, of course, you need as much time as possible, but the time it's limited. After each successful shot you get other five seconds of your life but if you hit a black target you will loose the five seconds. Remember normal colored targets will give you 1 point and gold targets will give you 5 points! How high score can you get? Have fun with some of the best fresh bow and bow hunting games online here on vitality games. Good luck and have fun!

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  •  Hold / Release

Mouse to aim and shoot.

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