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Swamp Cargo Truck

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Play online the latest 2D and 3D unity truck cargo and delivery games here on VitalityGames. This is a new game called Swamp Cargo Truck and experience the thrill of driving a heavy Truck with big wheels. You must use your skills as a driver and deliver barrels to the destination point. Each trailer will be heavy loaded and the terrain very challenging so you'll have to pay lots of attention and try to adjust the speed and balance your truck. So if you are up for this online driving challenge prove it in 12 intense levels. Use arrow keys to drive and balance the truck and the trailers and try to keep a safe distance between the trailers and the truck. If your truck is to damaged you will have to restart the level. Finish all levels and become the best truck driver online. Try and get to the finish line in one piece. Enjoy the environment and have fun!

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  •  Use arrow keys to drive and balance your truck and space bar to brake

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