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Surviving Winter

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You are trapped in a very cold bunker and you find yourself in a gloomy atmosphere. Your job is in the first place to survive, because in the bunker is also freezing cold. For this, you will have to move a lot and not to stand still. After this you have to walk through rooms and search for food or else you will starve. Take everything you find and don't forget that if you slow down, than would bring you less chance of survival in the harsh virtual life. Shift will move faster, and the E key is designed to collect the food that previously must be found. In addition, the E key will remove obstacles to, and will sit down the C key. Find the key, collect food and try to survive the winter cold unsightly conditions. Good luck!

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  •  • Management: WASD - movement, Shift - jogging, E - action, C - sit down, Mouse

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