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Supercar Endless Rush

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Supercar Endless Rush is a new fun exclusive car driving game from vitalitygames.com. Try this new police car chasing game in endless levels that awaits your driving skills. Have fun in this running game where you have to escape the police that is chasing you through the levels. Try out many cars and buy them with the money collected. Each car is different from other in weight, speed, power and armor. Start with smaller cars and super-cars like Ford Mustang,Hummer H3, Corvette,Porsche and make your way up to the top of the hyper-cars like Hurricane,Ford GT, Mclaren,Bugatti,Lamborghini and the Marussia Russian B2. While you are driving and racing through the game make sure to make it more easy for you with the magnet that will help you gather faster coins. Pick up diamonds from the road to help you continue game from where you died or just buy more lives. Get extra coins from the X2 coins so make sure you collect it! And last and the most important is the shield, it will help you bounce on obstacles and maintains your speed letting the police car behind and. The longer you go the more speed you will get so try to keep yourself alive. Avoid the obstacles stay away from the police cars and don't get caught! And have a blast in this fun exclusive endless runner game called Supercar Endless Rush games here on vitalitygames.com.
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