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Super Ultra Drunk Fighting Arcade Simulator QWOP

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The regular QWOP is not good enough for you? Try "Super Ultra Drunk Fighting Arcade Simulator QWOP", features 2 players mode, beautiful graphics, good physics, and funny as hell. It is "QWOP meets Tekken, street fighter, and KOF". Many different modes you can choose from in single or 2 players mode.Play any type of Game at vitalitygames.com. The biggest Game Collection to play free online. Flash, Unity 3D, Html5, Android, Java and Shockwave.

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  •  ESC - Go back to main menuF5 - Restart levelPlayer 1A - Walk backD - Walk forwardS - Bend legsE - Punch!R - ParryPlayer 2J - Walk backL - Walk forwardK - Bend legsO - Punch!P - Parry

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