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Stink Bomb Madness

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Get ready for a new intense adventure game that will make you addicted! Try dis new intense and fun Stink Bomb Madness games. Your mean boss keeps you at work until morning again and you cannot do anything regarding this unpleasant situation. You were ready to start working hard when suddenly an amazing idea just came up. You know where your boss lives and if you are not going to sleep tonight he sure is not going to sleep either. You thought of the most malefic plan there is. Make his house so smelly that he cannot stay inside anymore. Combine the most disgusting stuff you can get your hands on in order to create an awful stink bomb. Drive to your boss's house and launch the bombs with your cannon. Hit all the targets in order to pass the levels. Use the arrow keys to control your car or the cannon and the X key to activate NOS. Remember to collect as many bombs in each level to have at the end of the levels, this will make the house more dirty. Have fun and good luck! Enjoy!

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