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Stealth Sniper 2

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Play online the latest first person action pack sniper shooting games on vitalitygames.com. Try this continues sequel of a10.com sniper game called Stealth Sniper 2. Play Stealth Sniper take aim from the shadows, Play Stealth Sniper and Stealth Sniper 2 games online. Take out the bad guys, stealth-style! In Stealth Sniper 2 you are an elite police sniper, your task is always eliminate all criminals at an area. You have to be enough fast and accurate because time for action is limited and enemy has possibility warn others. Can you kill all bad guys in a shortest possible time. Different from first Stealth Sniper, Stealth Sniper 2 features new missions, improved game play and a lot of new weapons that you can upgrade. In addition to the sniper rifles that US military is using, there are rifles manufactured, for example, in Austria or Russia. You will have the opportunity to try out the legendary Dragunov made in 1963, which Soviet army used back in the days. As an elite sniper, you were called for a "simple" task: to eliminate all enemies from afar and silently. Be careful, so the enemy will not notice you, otherwise the whole action would have to be cancelled. Show your commanders that they called right person.

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E = zoom in/out r = reloads= bullet-time Mouse to shoot

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