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Star Racer

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Just like the title says, you are now racing in space with the latest supercars. Star Racer is a futuristic game, going into space is not that far away these days, so take a look at a glimpse of the future by playing these 3d racing games. If you are new to racing games online, don't worry, Star Racer is a straightforward game, you will have to use your arrow keys to control the car and overtake th other cars on the highway. The main goal is to gt to the finish line and destroy as many cars as you can. You will find all kind of bonuses on the road that will help you, shield bonus, rocket bonus and other, but be careful not to damage your car. After every level you can change your car with a better one.Do you have what it takes to be a champion of the future? Take a shot at Star Racer and see what kind of racer you really are.

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