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Scrap Metal 3 Infernal Trap

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Play the best webGL driving simulator car games online for free on vitalitygames.com. Try the third sequel of the fun Scrap Metal games called Scrap Metal 3: Infernal Trap on vitalitygames.com. Like on the others versions of the game you will except classic freedom you can looking forward to a huge map. Tuned terrain to the last detail will make your game play more fun and realistic! Put the pedal to the floor and accelerate and test the characteristics of various cars on the obstacle course that you can build and adjust to your liking. Speed up and you can make fun jump over the cliffs. And begin exploring the diversity of the game world and enjoy the freedom and realistic destructive model. Adjust your selected car setting like ABS,ASR and TCS to see how the differents will help you with each car journey! Enjoy Scrap Metal 3: Infernal Trap online for free on vitalitygames.com and have a blast online!
Scrap Metal 3 Infernal Trap was developed by PacoGames
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  •  Drive/balance
     Work With Obstacles
     Slow Motion
     Reset Car
     Repair Car

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