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Sara Feet Accident

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She has had a pretty bad accident last afternoon as she was riding her bike through the park when she fell down and hurt her legs pretty bad. She needs a doctor fast because she needs to get well soon because tomorrow she is starting school. It's going to be up to you play as the doctor in this fun game so waste no time and start treating her feet. You have access to different types of medical utensils that you can use to make her feel better. Start off by taking all the spikes out of her legs so you can begin the treatment. Try out different types of medicine and make sure that none of it hurts her if you want her feeling great after you are done. Patch up all of her scars and try to hide them as best as you can because she plans on wearing a skirt tomorrow for her first day of school. Enjoy treating Sara's legs and good luck!

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  •  Use mouse to play the game

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