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Rogue Buddies 2

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Play the latest action shooting games for free on Vitalitygames.com. Click to play now the second sequel of Rogue Buddies called Rogue Buddies 2.
In Rogue Buddies 2 a new adventure starts when you and your buddies steal the gold from the wrong people. The gold and expensive things that you have stolen belongs to the company.. Now the company has send her army to capture you and your buddies and get back the stolen loot. Your mission is to free your three captured friends from the demonic bosom. Move around the playing area, kill enemies, collect gold, fill in tasks, solve riddles and rescue your paratroopers.
Enjoy this fun action and adventure game with weapons, tasks, and puzzles..;)) While you rescue your buddies you can swap players and take control of each member of your squad. Each character has a different play-style and set of abilities. While you progress through the game you will collect gold and then use it to purchase upgrades to improve your strength and abilities! Have fun with this action pack shooter game and good luck with the game!
  • Intense missions you have to complete.
  • 4 players to play with.. different play-style and set of abilities.
  • Cool feature like weapons, tasks, and puzzles..
  • Interesting and fun storyline.
Release Date
February, 2018
Rogue Buddies 2 was developed by Brutal Studio
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