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Игра загружается ...

Reality. Chapter 1

Об игре

The journey begins. Quest from the first person the adventures. You are the protagonist and you find yourself on the island. This is a good idea to explore. You should show resourcefulness and include logical thinking to solve a series of riddles and puzzles to complete the game online. L, M, C, activates hand to take objects. If some things seem a bit difficult to take, try to move slightly. Holding LMB, you can move items. Manage to find clues and survive during your days spent on that beautiful island. When immersed in water, watch your breath, the blue bar at the top of the screen to the hero choked in the depths of the sea. Follow the motto: he who seeks will always find! Have fun !

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  •  • Management: WASD / Arrows - move, Shift - run, Space - jump, C - sit down, LMB / RMB - take / Hide

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