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Radioactive Transporter

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Radioactive Transporter it's a new flash truck driving and delivery car game.Looking online for some new challenges with truck or cars that transport hazard stuff or other dangerous liquids. Here on vitality games we got the latest greatcargames exclusive game called Radioactive Transporter. In this new truck driving game you have to transport some radioactive materials, which could cause a lot of trouble if you drop them. The road is not very smooth though, so you will need all your driving skills to complete this task. Use your arrow keys to drive your car and your X key to activate your nitro power, but make sure you keep your balance at all times so you do not crash or lose your cargo. You have to take at least one radioactive box to the end in order to complete the level. Be careful how you use it because you have a limited amount, so do not waste it if you do not need it. You can see your nitro bar in the bottom left corner of the screen. Also try to get at the end of the level as fast as possible because time is an important component for your score. You can see your timer in the bottom left part of the screen too. There are eight exciting levels that are available for you to play and have fun with. Prove your driving skill in all levels and be the best truck driver from this new Radioactive Transporter games.Have fun!

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