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Poly Man Runner

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How else to start the week rather than a good game called "Poly Man Runner" to play here on www.vitalitygames.com. This brand new game has a twisted and mysterious graphics you will follow. The world you know, in this game "Poly Man Runner" is split up in three parts as long as you keep running. The quest is not an easy one to fulfill, because you will have difficult obstacles to pass such as: the spikes that awaits for it prey, bear trap, the hatchet that longs for your life and last but not least, the blade that keeps spinning until gets its victim death. As I already told you, the road you have in front of you is deceiving and you need to pay attention to everything that comes your way. With the help of the arrow keys you can move and using space your man will jump and avoid obstacles. You can upgrade your level by collecting as much as golden coins you can get and also you can improve the game by unlocking levels with the help of the golden coins. Are you ready? Share our game "Poly Man Runner' with your friends and have fun!
Halloween Spooky Roads 2 was made by BrightestGames.com
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