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Police Raid

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Police Raid it is a new driving and racing police car games. You can play it online for free here on vitalitygames.com. You are a cop and your mission today is to clean out the bars from all the evil man making trouble. First you should drive in your awesome police car using your arrow keys and your X key to use your NoS Power and get some speed. When you get in front of the bar stop there and use your mouse to aim and shoot your enemies. Be very fast because they will fight back. Do not hit any innocent civilians and also try not to get hit, because in either one of these situation you will lose one life. If you lose them all, you will have to restart the level all over again. As you drive along in your car you should also be very careful not to crash. You can improve your score by collecting coins and finishing the level very fast and getting a time bonus. You should also collect NoS power ups to refill your bar. Watch out for your distance bar that shows you were you are on the map and your time and coins for your score. Overcome all obstacles you will discover in your way and try to complete all eight levels with the highest score. Have the best time online here on vitalitygames with the best driving and parking police car games. And have fun for free! Good luck!

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