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Pirate Of Ships

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If you like pirates or ship battle 3D unity games, and you are looking for a new intense unity challenge online. Then you're in luck here on vitalitygames.com we give you Pirate Of Ships unity games.Pirate of Ships it's a Demo version still in process, that means that you may find bugs! Pirate of Ships it's a fun "Strategy Defense Game"Where you will start by selecting your first town and creating a trade route that links it to another town.At any time press F5 to switch between Strategy and Exploration modes. To play the game use arrow keys to move. Hold click 1 to rotate camera. And press right click from the mouse to fire canon.Have fun online here on vitalitgames with some of the best free online unity 3D pirate games. Become the best and have fun!

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  •  Arrow keys to move.left mouse click to rotate camera.right mouse click to fire canon.

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