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Parkour GO 2: Urban

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Play the latest sport jumping games online for free on Vitalitygames.com. Click to play this epic fun adrenaline sport parkour game called Parkour GO 2: Urban.
In Parkour GO 2: Urban you will play around the city top of the buildings while you jump over from side to side. The main goal is to follow the read spot that will lead you to the finish line. Start the game and be as fast as possible in overcoming all obstacles. The game will feature 10 extremely fun and great levels for you. To be able to jump on walls and over barrels and all the obstacles you need to pick up speed holding the shift key and space bar to jump. Complete all the tasks from the achievements to get a high score at the final in the Leaderboard. Enjoy this epic 3D fun roof top escape and jumping game from y8.com and have a blast online! Good luck!
  • Awesome 3D graphics.
  • A lot of achievements to complete.
  • 10 hard but fun Levels
  • Leaderboard.
  • Great sounds and animations.
Release Date
June, 2018
Parkour GO 2: Urban was developed by Y8
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