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Paradox Soul

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Play the latest pixel old school shooting / platformer and survival games online for free on Vitalitygames.com. Try this fun mystery kid of game called Paradox Soul.
In Paradox Soul games you will try to unravel the mystery behind the mysterious test facility you stumbleupon. Take the role of an research scientist and try to survive hidden areas, take short cuts find clues and guns and do what it takes to survive mutants, zombie dogs and many more wild experiments like monster that awaits you while you progress to the game. Kill the last boss to escape and collect bonuses. Enjoy this fun Action-shooter hybrid game with an element of Metroidvania. Paradox Soul has two different ending depending on each path your take..Enjoy this fun 2D action games and good luck!
Release Date
Feb 9, 2018
Paradox Soul developed by Ritual Games.

  • Parry enemy projectiles
  • "Second chance" defibrillation device
  • Certain bomb types will open blocked areas
  • Use to find secret pathways and weapon boxes
  • Huge boss battles.
  • Plenty of secrets to unearth

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  •  Hold To Shoot
     Press Enter To Start The Game

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