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Orbital City Parking

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Play online some of the best driving and parking games here on VitalityGames. We present you our newest and exclusive game called: Orbital City Parking. This time you own a flying vehicle. Let's see if you have skills to drive it. The game offers 26 hard parking spots and 12 awesome levels for you to have fun! This game requires serious driving and parking skills to be able to finish it. Follow arrows on the road to find the parking spot. You will also see which way you have to park your space-car. Use arrow keys to steer and drive your space-car. Also, you can choose which mode you want to play: easy, medium or hard. Orbital City Parking offers you a vehicle when you start the game and there are other 3 that you should definitely unlock. You can do this from level 3, 6 and 10. So, what you're waiting for? Put your head in the clouds and have some fun. Get rid of the everyday car and try something new. Good luck and have fun!
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