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Ninja And Blind Girl 2

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Are you a big fan of free online ninja and strategy fighting games? How about a game where you have to fight and protect from bad guys a blind ninja warrior with special powers. The Ninja girl has some skills that you can use in helping to defeat the bad guys. The game it's developed by Yepi and it's a flash skill fighting game called Ninja and Blind Girl 2. Like the name the Ninja and Blind Girl 2 it's the second version of the flash game Ninja and Blind Girl but it's improved and more hard and fun to play. There are upgrades for your hero and your ninja girl that you have to make in order to survive the large incoming numbers of enemies and boss. So have fun playing this new flash challenge called Ninja and Blind Girl 2 games and prove you are the best ninja warrior out there. Good luck and have fun!

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  •  Check inside the game for instructions on how to play.

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