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Monster Car Challenge

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Play online some of the best free online monster truck game here on vitalitygames, like this new challenge called Monster Car Challenge games. You were driving your awesome monster car one day, when an annoying man and his helicopter decided to tease you, so he came down enough to scratch the top of your vehicle. So now you entire purpose is to get revenge. Your car is not strong enough now to reach the helicopter, but you can progressively make it better if you complete some missions. Just remember to use your arrow keys to drive the monster truck, your X key to use NOS and your space bar to brake. At first you will have to collect a lot of money in a limited amount of time, which you can use to upgrade your car. You can improve your speed, acceleration, NOS speed and power and the body of the car. You will also be able to unlock some special wheels in a secret location. Create chaos in the city by destroying everything and avoid the missiles of the evil helicopter that just does not want to let you be. You final mission will be to finally destroy it by jumping on it with your monster car. So have fun driving online trucks and monster truck games and become the best ! Good luck and have fun!

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  •  Use your arrow keys to drive, your X key for NOS and your space bar to brake.

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