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Mayhem Racing

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Play the most fun cartoon car racing games online for free only on Vitalitygames.com. Click to play this epic car game called Mayhem Racing. 
In Mayhem Racing you can play the game in solo mode or go with your friends from the same keyboard and play it in 2 player mode. Split the screen and split the fun and the adrenaline while you race 4 different cars in 5 intense and awesome 3D track levels. The beautiful levels will take you to the mountains, in the desert, industrial zone and rocky fields. Each game mode can be played vs AI in arcade or time trial. The arcade mode is more fun to play because you can adjust the intensity of the game from easy to normal and hard. Pick up speed and take curves while you pass your rivals and win the first place in this awesome 3D racing game. And become the best from this latest y8 game called Mayhem Racing. Good luck!
Release Date
June 2018
Mayhem Racing is developed by Y8.com
  • A lot of achievements to complete.
  • Awesome challenging levels for you to improve your driving skills.
  • Nice looking 3D cartoonish graphics.
  • 4 different cars to buy and test drive.
  • 5 intense and beautiful looking d levels.
  • Leaderboard.

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