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Manhattan Rush Hour

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Manhattan rush hour it's a new flash racing car game from greatcargames.com, you can play it for free online here on vitalitygames. Play Manhattan Rush Hour and control the cars without bumping them into each other. Use your mouse and double click on the cars to speed them up or single click to stop them. You have to control all the cars and get them through the intersection in order to complete the level. Start with the easy level and work your way up through two moderate and two hard levels. There are exciting new intersections in every level and the number of cars you have to manage keeps getting higher and higher. Have fun online all day with new cool game like this Manhattan rush hour here on vitalitygames and become the best player online. Good luck and have fun!

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  •  Click Ones/click Two Times

Use your mouse, click once on the cars to stop and double click for double speed.

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