Kogama Game: Squid Game
Kogama Game: Squid Game
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Kogama Game: Squid Game

Kogama Game: Squid Game

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Рейтинг: 3.9
Kogama Game: Squid Game is a new installment in the Kogama series. Play it completely FREE of charge right here at VitalityGames.com!

We all know and love the Kogama series. It's fun, easy to play, and has lots of stuff to do. But how about a Kogama Game with a spin? Yes, that's right, the Kogama series is keeping up with the trends, so that means you can play a Squid Game-themed Kogama title. Don't worry though, it's still the same series that you've come to love and appreciate, but with a fresh new feel to it. There are also some new game modes added and updated, so make sure you roam around and discover them. And as usual, this title is a multiplayer game, so you'll be playing with people from all over the world. Are you ready for this new adventure? Click that Play button and let's go!
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  • 3D graphics
  • Multiplayer
  • Easy to learn and play

Дата выпуска: October 2021

Разработчик: Kogama Game: Squid Game была разработана kogama