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Just Park It 4

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Get ready for a new challenge in the winter time with a green 18 wheels! Here on vitalitygames we continue with the sequel of Just Park It parking games. And a new challenge it's available called Just Park It 4 games. Just Park It 4 it's a new parking and driving vitalitygames exclusive games. In the Just Park It 4 series like in the other games your task is to drive and park a heavy loaded 18 wheeler in 15 parking spots the game has to offer. Use the arrow keys to steer and drive the truck. Press space to brake the long trailer. There are lot's of cars parked on the road and the driving space it's small so prove your parking skills in this insane challenge. Pay attention to the life on the top of the game interface and the time. Don't crash to much your truck and park the truck in the fastest time to get a higher score. Pay attention to the cars you move from the road they will damage your truck so fast and you will lose. Prove you got what it takes to be the best driver from our latest Just Park It 4 games. And if you're still in the mode for more try our other Just park it games online. Enjoy our vast and cool online collection of 2D, 3D and unity truck parking games. And have the best time online! Good luck!

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