Jazz Jackrabbit Advance
Jazz Jackrabbit Advance
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Jazz Jackrabbit Advance

Jazz Jackrabbit Advance

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Рейтинг: 4.9
Experience Jazz Jackrabbit Advance, a less-known title from a series that is beloved by millions of players from all around the world.

Jazz the Jackrabbit is one of the most loved series of games, even though it has only 2 main games and an unfinished 3D demo. Today, here at VitalityGames.com you can play a lesser-known entry in the series, a GameBoy Advance title to be more precise, Jazz Jackrabbit Advance.
Jazz the Jackrabbit is one of the most fun platform games out there, with crazy over-the-top action and cool levels to explore. The title you're about to play has been ranked as the second-best GameBoy Advance game of January 2003. Yes, it is an old title, but don't let that stop you from trying it out, you'll really have a blast with this retro game. So what's this game about? Well, in short, you control Jack, a rabbit, and you've been imprisoned by giant chameleons that plan to eat you. It's your task to do everything in your power to escape. Along the way make sure you collect weapons because this title is also a shooter game, so you'll need them. If you're ready to try out this free game, go right ahead and press that Play button!
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  • Good looking retro 2D graphics
  • Remappable controls
  • CRT filters for a real retro experience
  • Save states, so you can save your progress whenever you like
  • Smooth animations
  • A true blast from start to finish

Дата выпуска: November 2021

Разработчик: Jazz Jackrabbit Advance была разработана Game Titan

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