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Ice Racing

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Ice racing game is a 3D and unity game. Driving was never easy in the cold winter. What do you think about driving on ice? Show your best in riding on the ice.This race will prove that an ice racing game is a real challenge itself. You will see that the ice racing games are the best sports in winter time.You must be very careful not to crash and slip.Level by level driving on the frozen road of this ice racing game you will feel the adventure. Keep playing and become a better driver. Prove that you are the bravest and fastest driver in the game! Use Up arrow key to move forwards, Down arrow key to reverse, Left arrow key to tilt backwards and Right arrow key to tilt forwards.Win and enjoy the race at Vitality Games, free online games!

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  •  Use Up arrow key to move forwards; Down arrow key to reverse; Left arrow key to tilt backwards; Right arrow key to tilt forwards.

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