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Ice Hockey 2012

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Ice Hockey free online new 2012 sport-hockey games.If you are in the mood for some action and if you want to see yourself playing among the professionals hockey players you made a good choice by trying Ice Hockey game. Inflict some serious pain on your team mates in this Ice Hockey practice game. You will see the players dressed accordingly, with skates in their feet and on ice, like you will almost feel watching a real hockey match!Ice Hockey is not so hard to play, you just need to know the rules and as you think, the rules are a little changed comparing to other free ice hockey games that you have played.Get some good slap shots in before the times runs out. Play the game and get some scoring on goal. See if you can score some goals agains the defense and the goalie.So prove your sport skills in this free online Ice Hockey 2012 and be the best player of them all. Good Luck!

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  •  Use mouse to play the game.

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