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Hummer Rocket Launch

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Hummer Rocket Launch it's a new driving and shooting games with a modified Hummer and canon with lot of power. In the Hummer Rocket Launch games your mission is to drive safe to the bomb site and defeat the evil factories who are polluting our air. They have their location hidden somewhere in deserted areas. Drive your hummer using your arrow keys and try to collect money on the way to get a higher score and also rockets which work as ammo. Drive fast and safe in the fastest time, because time is an important component to your score. Don't speed up to much when the rocks are to high and try to maintain your balance do not crash your hummer you will die. At the finish of your journey you will have to destroy the evil factory with your rocket launcher. You can use your left and right arrow keys to switch the view, your up and down arrow keys to move your barrel up and down and your space bar to shoot. The longer you hold it, the bigger will be the power of your launch.

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