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Helix Jump 2

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Play the latest arcade games with balls, like this famous series of Helix games but now with a new challenge in Helix Jump 2. Let the adventure start and use your skills and the mouse to navigate the falling ball to the bottom of the helix maze. Rotate the pillar to let the ball fall from the platforms gaps and avoid the darker colored spots. If you touch them you will die and must restart the game from the beginning. After each level the maze will increase in complexity, making the game extremely hard to play and win.
Play and explore the exciting levels, conquer the highs that you can. Improve your skills have fun with epic fun ball games for kids and children of all ages. Helix Jump 2 can be played online on your mobile and tablet only on VitalityGames.com! Good luck!
Release Date
August, 2018

Web browser (desktop and mobile).
Helix Jump 2 is developed by GameSumo.
  • Multiple levels of helix jump with fun game play.
  • Different helix designs for helix jump.
  • Difficulty levels for new levels is increased.
  • Beautiful helix tower labyrinth graphics.
  • Fun and crazy visuals.
  • Great music and intense sound effects helix jump

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