Greyhound Racing
Greyhound Racing
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Greyhound Racing

Greyhound Racing

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Greyhound racing is well elaborated strategy, in which you can experience for yourself the adrenaline when betting on the popular greyhound racing.

You start the game with a budget of a thousand dollars, and it's up to you if you manage to multiply it several times, or vice versa. Before each race bet chips on one of six greyhounds, where you can bet on the winner, location (first and second), and show (first, second, third) and then just watch the race, and whether you have won or not. If you're ready to see some dog races then go ahead and click that Play button! Ready! Set! Go!
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  • Good looking 2D graphics
  • Lots of dogs to bet on
  • Real easy to get into

Дата выпуска: March 2017

Разработчик: Greyhound Racing была разработана SilverGames

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